Women In Music: Interview With Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre is a singer, songwriter, performer, and hitmaker. A regular in the charts and currently cooking up something hot, Ella spoke to us about her life in music.

Tell us about your background, your upbringing, and your introduction into the world of music.

I’m half Jamaican, English and a little bit Maltese. Born and bred in London and will probably never live anywhere else. I started songwriting for fun around the age of 14 and met my managers at 16 whilst I was at the BRITs School, which was when I started writing and recording properly.

How did you get into music production, songwriting, and performance?

I always loved performing, I was the kid who would dress up and put on a show whenever I had an audience to exhaust. It was only when I was studying Musical Theatre, I realised I felt unfulfilled singing somebody else’s songs or performing as a character. I felt like I had things to say and tons of energy, so it was at that point that I diverted all my attention into being an artist.

What were some of the barriers you experienced, or still do experience, as a ‘female performer/songwriter’?

I think that as females we are constantly underestimated. I like to have my eyes, ears and mouth across every aspect of the projects I’m involved in and it’s frustrating when others try to take advantage, assuming I wouldn’t know any better.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen over recent years in regards to the attitude towards being a songwriter, and a woman in music?

There’s a lot more consideration around equality within the live music industry, especially where line ups are concerned. It’s encouraging to see more females headlining the big festivals.

You have written with and collaborated with many producers and artists, as well as releasing music. What skills did you need to develop to be able to work with other creatives so confidently?

I think it’s important to find your strengths and work with people who can contribute in a different way to you. I know I can be quite stubborn especially when it comes to my solo project, but I’ve learnt over time how to trust others creatively and take chances that pay off.

What would you say to your 16-year-old self about being a woman in music… what to expect, the difficulties, the excitements?

Stick to your guns. Know who you are, explore it and own it. At that age it’s so easy to become distracted by how intimidating this industry can be, so make damn sure to make time for your own personal development as well as your artistic development.

 What can we look forward to hearing from you in the next few months/year from your creativity?

Right now I’m on my own little creative journey. I’m working on a new project (dare I say album?) that feels authentic and genuinely fulfilling, which I’m very excited about sharing soon! In the meantime, I’ll be at many a festival this summer.

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